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A healthy plate

Things that a healthy plate must contain  Today we are going to talk about what a healthy plate contains. A healthy plate contain all types of food that are required to the body so, here are some food items that a plate must contain  1.Starch containing foods  Devide a round plate into two parts. In one part there should be only vegetables in one corner there should be starch containing veggies like potatos,peas,corns etc.starch are the source of carbohydrates which are the chief source of energy 2.Non starchy foods  The another corner of the plate should contain non starchy veggies like zukini,salad etc.Nonstarchy should be taken more as compared to the starchy items 3.Carbohydrates The other part of the plate should contain whole grains like rice,wheat,corn etc which contains adequate carbohydrates which is essential for a healthy body 4.Protiens In the another corner of the second part there should be protein containing foods like chicken, mutton,fish

5 ways to maintain good health

5 Ways to maintain a good health It's better to prevent any disease rather than getting cure of it. Here are some tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle and you didnot have to do any planning or fix a particular day to start this.Below given are very simple 5 ways to to start with for a healthy life 1.Drinking sufficient water Drinking adequate water is very important if you want to stay healthy. Drinking water keeps you hydrated and good for your skin also. At least 7litre of water should be used for per head in a family also it provides essential minerals required to the body 2.Do Daily exercise Doing exercise is a must for a healthy life it should be in habits. Exercise makes us healthier by releasing extra carbohydrates through the skin as sweat. Exercise should be done for at least 30min daily, begginers can start it by 15min as per their schedule 3.Maintaining a diet You can maintain a simple diet which consists right amount of carbohydrates, proteins lots of g

Aloe vera

In this blog we are going to talk about healthy skin both for girls and boys of all age group. Healthy skin is very important of any type of skin tones .Here are some tips that can help to keep your skin healthy and fresh AloeVera Gel Aloe Vera gel are the soothing gels for all skin types with many medicinal values and additions of neem,tulsi etc. Aloe Vera helps to stimulate blood circulation and provide nourishment to the skin. Besides the gel the aleovera plant can also be used if available. But the gel provide some extra nourishment value to skin . It should be used at night before sleeping .It also works good as a massageing gel for face and neck. It is also used before using a pack as it doesn't let go the moisture from face and due to this property it is also used as a base for the makeup