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Be healthy look healthy five things to loose your weight and became healthy and fit

Hello this blog we are going to talk about five things that will help you to Lose your weight. Being overweight is the vastest problem of the population of of the population of whole world
So, today we are going to talk about five things that will help you to Lose your weight

1.HungerLearn how to control your hunger so that hunger stops controlling you life become easier when hunger do not control you sometimes it become a very bad problem when you always try to resist food but you can't. To control hunger you have to eat natural foods veggies and fruits in spite of eating processed and manufacture food as this processed foods makes you feel hunger more times than the natural foods try not to believe on the wrappers of the processed foods that are written as light or diet as Aise these all words are only for the marketing purpose


Do not use drinks that are available in market these drinks always contain hidden sugar within them and have a very long manufacturing ingredients drinks that have a very long manufacturing items are not good for health or weight at all try to drink natural drinks such as a coconut water or simple water or lemon water which are good for health and also helps a lot to Lose your weight. Lemon water is very good for the diet plan for to lose weight as the lemon contain citric acid which saponified the fat present in our stomach

3.Eat good Fat

Fat is very much essential for our body do not demonise fat as lack of fat in our body can make many health related problems so, you have to realize which is good fat and which one is bad fat for you control and some things to get to lose your weight

4. Starvation

If you think that not eating properly can make you slim your can you lose your weight then it is a very wrong thought Radha it could make you feel always craving on hungry and you can't properly do anything in your daily life. It can affect your health very badly if you don't want to eat oily or manufactured things then you can eat some natural avocado in nuts that are very good for health as well as your skin

5.Market products 

If you like the products available in market which are very interesting very light in colourful believe that are that are very dangerous to your health specially the products that they have a very long items present in ingredients. It contains some compositions within them that will rapidly help in gaining your weight better to stay away from these market products


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