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Best tips for strong, Beautiful and long hairs how to keep your hair clean and shiny

Best tips for strong, Beautiful and long hairs how to keep your hair clean and shiny

Today people are suffering from vast problems and pollution is one of the most vast problem that people have which seveiourly attack and damages your skin health and of course hair so In this situation you have to take care of your hair so. In this blog we are going to say about some tips that can help you to take care of your hair and make it stronger.
No solutions can solve your problems within one or two day you have to be consistent about your hair routine and plans as well

Tips for strong hairs

Clean your hair

Cleaning hair is very important part of your hair care routine clean your hair daily with water because like our body sweating also occurs in the hair due which stickiness and fungus can arise,donot use oil in your hair if you have not cleaned your because your hair is already sticky and if you apply hair oil it will make your hair weak and more sticky and starts bad smelling so, it's better to do regular cleaning of hair after that you can use hair oil that will make your hair more stronger and helps in growth.
Clean your hair with shampoo regularly or leaving one day specially in summers as in summers your hair get in contact with dirt and pollution which makes your hair look dull,use fragrance shampoo that neutralises your hair smell and give a pleasent smell to your hair. your hair will remain hallow and will be always ready for any style that will help you to get ready faster and save your money that you spend in salon for cleaning and salon

Tips for strong hairs

Use conditioner 

Use a suitable conditioner in your hair lot of people donot know how to use conditioner so there are many ways to use conditioner in hairs the straight and simple way is to apply it after doing shampoo and massage it on your scalpe it helps a lot in dandruff problems and also apply conditioner on the hairs as it makes your shiny from outside and stronger from insides. The advantage of using conditioner is that you don't have to use any external application during styling conditioner makes your hair so smooth that your hair can be mould in the way that you want
Use conditioner regularly after shampoo then only it will give you better results, the best thing of conditioners are it starts giving results as soon as it is applied to the hair that means as soon as you applied the conditioner your hair starts looking smooth and shiny and these are not very expensive also everyone can afford conditioners it's price is just same about shampoos

Tips for strong hairs


Your hair strength depends upon your comb also, Do not use combs that are dotted at the mouth as these combs interfere with the hair and instead of combing straight it make your hair frizzy and takes a lot of time to comb, use pointed combs instead of dotted and broad combs.
People usually comb their hair fast due to which lot of hair damaged and fall so, donot comb your hair in hurry as you can lose lot of hair.Comb your hair slowly so that your hair donot fall and comb your hair after drying donot comb it when it is wet as it causes pain and damage to the hair.
Use some drop of hair oil in your comb so that while combing the hair oil reaches at your scalpe and makes your hair stronger from it's root

Different combs

Use soap 

Soaps are much better that shampoo for your hair as soaps are manufactured from oils and fats that are essential for hair but before using soap check that what type of water are available in your city because in hard water soaps gets segreated and coagulate in your scalpe it is the only disadvantage of soap . Soap works if your water is soft or sweet in taste ,soap is the much better option for you if soft water is available to you because shampoo contains very harmful chemicals like sodium Laure sulphate.,sodium chloride etc and if you don't want to use soap then try to use baby shampoo or some mild shampoo as baby shampoo donot contain all these types of hazardous chemicals

Use natural Conditioners

Conditioners contains softening chemicals along with fats and oils so try to choose some mild conditioners or you can use some homade conditioners.After washing hair take two to three drops of coconut oil or olive oil rub it on your palms and apply it on your wet hair use it whenever you wash hair and trust me you never need market conditioners it mixes with the oil which your scalpe naturally releases and make your hair conditioned

Hair Dyes

Most hairdeys contains Ammonia in it which is very harmful for your hair .Ammonia first bleeches your hair then the colour of the dye actions on hair which causes lot of damage to your hair and we spent a lot on conditioners to maintain it so ,if you use hair dye then then make sure that it doesn't contain ammonia or any harmful product

Use cold water in summer to wash your hair and Luke warm water in winter don't use hot water for your hair wash as hot water damages the protein present in hair called Keratin.Donot use each other towels or comb for hair as it causes lice,fungal infection etc

U. V rays 

Protect your hair from sunlight the ultra violet rays present in sunlight damages your hair so,use some hair oil that contains sunscream which will protect hair from damaging. Ultraviolet Rays A damages the melanocytes which is responsible for coloring of hair due to which your hair becomes white at an early age for protection use caps for while traveling or cover your hair with cloth .Donot use hair straighteners or different hair irons or hair dryers daily it also damages your hair and sometimes burnt it, it's regular use causes many brain related disease also itching problems if your scalpe is sensitive

Tips for strong hairs


Use some diet plans or ingredients that will help you to make your hair stronger thicker and stop hair fall.Take some vitamin supplements and minerals as well in your diet healthy,difficiency of vitamins causes hairfall and make your hair weak and fragile

Hair splitting 

Hair splittening also is a big cause of weak and fragile hair,the spilleted hairs oftenly make the whole hair damage and look thin so,you should take a hair cut if you have splitted hair as it is an obstacle in your hair growth .

Tips for strong hairs

Use natural ingredient

You can use shikakai for your hair wash just dip shikakai in water for overnight and use the water of it next day whenever you wash hair. Shikakai is natural ingredient and is the best option for you if you don't want to use chemical products

Tips for strong hairs


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