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Best way to loose weight with bananas recepies

Best way to loose weight with bananas recepies

Today we are going to talk about the healthy benefits of banana, bananas are very effective for weight loss and healthy body .Today people are suffering from different types of weight gain problems .once they search about the weight loss diet and then try to do exactly what has advised in their search and after some days they get boared and loose their motivation and stop doing efforts for their weight loss. Any diet will work only if you will be honest towards yourself and try to take your diet plan to the next level, some people respond well to counting calories or similar restrictive methods, others respond better to having more freedom in planning their weight-loss programs. Being free to simply avoid fried foods or cut back on refined carbs can set them up for success. So, don’t get too discouraged if a diet that worked for somebody else doesn’t work for you.
Today we are going to discuss the benefit of banana and some recepies which are for your healthy body and if you want to loose your weight then this diet plan is best for you but remember if you are diabetic or suffering from any other metabolic or genetical disease then don't try this diet plan without your doctor's permission, talk with your doctor and only if he allows then you can try this plan .Banana have many benefits and in case of weight loss it is really very effective it contains only 70-100 calaories but many people complain that it don't work the reason for this is people eat bananas after their normal breakfast which spikes your carbohydrates and increase your body weight

So,firstly in the early morning drink a glass of detox water,for making detox water take a glass of water add one slice of lemon in it and mix it well and drink this detox water gives you the activeness in your body for your white day ,then after this detox water do fifteen minutes walk so that you burn your last night fat if you have taken some
For breakfast you need the ingredients are

one glass of milk
One banana 

After the walk there is a great craving of breakfast so there is no complex breakfast recepies just take one or two banana and one glass of milk ,banana contain vitamin B6 which helps in building healthy cells contains fibre which make your digestion system smooth ,it contains vitamins c and many other benefits and along with this try to get tonned milk to drink don't drink full fat milk because it just waste your efforts
For lunch recipes you need the following ingredients

one glass of milk
250g of oats
One banana

Then it comes the lunch time in lunch time take 250g of oats boil it in water and after becoming soft add half glass of milk and then cook it for two to three minutes and then add another half glass of milk in it, donot add sugar or jaggery in it as it donot required any sweetening agent, take one banana and cut it into thin slices and garnish it on the oats bowl and your healthy lunch is ready to eat,

this recepies is really effective for your weight loss so if you want to loose weight then try this lunch recipes ,along with healthy and perfect for weight loss it is also delicious in taste
After that evening craving occurs actually craving doesn't occur at this time your mind play tricks with your body because your body is aquanted with the weight and your daily routine of eating and if you to lose weight then it's important to give a jerk to your body so that it slowly adapt your new plan. So if you have the same craving at the evening time then just drink two to three glasses of water
For dinner recepies you need the following ingredients

Two slices of whole grain bread
 Peanut butter
One banana

The next recepies is for your dinner for this you need two slices of whole grain bread, one spoon of peanut butter and one banana

Take two slices of whole grain bread roast it little and layer peanut butter on on slice of bread and then take one banana and cut it length wise and put it on your bread, cut it like a sandwich and eat ,after that if you feel hungry then drink two glass of water ,whole grain bread contains protiens, high amount of fibres and low carbs and peanut butter contains healthy protiens and fats that are good for health and easily oxidisable so that it burns in the next morning with a small time of walk


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