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Intermittent fasting Bestest tips and way to loose weight and become slin

Intermittent fasting Bestest tips and way to loose weight and become slim

Are you trying to lose your weight but not getting success then you need some more tricks and motivation for your weight loss .Today we will discuss a hundred percent garrantied plan in which you can eat everything that you want and then also you can loose weight and that also within fifteen days .

Loose weight

people often give up after trying hard and get demotivated .counting calories can not loose your weight or can't make you slim for this we have to do nothing but manything .Today we are going to talk about a diet in which you are allowed to eat everything and loose weight that is intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting is a pattern of fast in which you devide the eating time and fasting time into to parts.In this type of diet eating as well as fasting time will be fixed that is eight hours of eating time and rest sixteen hours is fasting time. You can choose the period of eating and the period of fasting according to your lifestyle ,for example if you choose your eating time from 11am to 7pm then the rest time that is from 7pm to next morning 11am you have to do fast

Loose weight

Intermittent fasting has many advantages but today we will discuss about the weight loss advantage of intermittent fasting ,intermittent fasting mainly helps in two types in your weight loss first is, In fasting we take low calorie diet means we donot eat carbohydrates due to which our body start utilizing the stored fat to produce energy which helps in burning of fat and second is intermittent fasting speedup many fat burning process along with this intermittent fasting also increases the HGH(Human growth hormone )more than five times.

So,intermittent fasting make weight loss as well as inch-loss. It's main function is this intermittent fasting mainly works at the belly area so if you have a larger belly area then this plan is very helpful for you

Loose weight

So, let's talk about what type of food you should take during intermittent fasting so the good news is that you can eat all things that you eat in your daily routine but you have to maintain the limit of your eating during the eating phase that means you should not do overeating in your eating period

Intermittent fasting is really effective for your weight loss but if you are diabetic patient or you are suffering from any other metabolic or hormonal disease then you are not allowed to do this type of fasting ,this type of diet plan is only applicable to normals person who are not at all suffering from any type of metabolic hormonal issues

According to the time management this diet fasting is of three types that is

1.Time Restricted Fasting

In this fast type as explained above you will have a selected time period in which you can eat and in which you will do fast. Restricted fasting is a routine and is repeated daily. It's time period get renewed at the next day daily and is very effective for loseing weight

If you are not able to do sixteen hour of fast then you can start from ten hour of eating period and fourteen hours of fasting period ,then after some days when your body get aquanted with the routine then take your diet plan to the next level that means decrease your eating period with increase in your fasting period,for example decrease your eating period and make it six hours from eight and increase the fasting period to eighteen hours from sixteen.

2.Alternate Day Fasting

Alternate day fasting means you have to eat one day and remain fast another day for example in a week you can eat whole day on Monday but you have to do fast another day means Tuesday and again you can eat whole day on Wednesday and alternatively so on.On the fasting day that is on Tuesday or Thursday you can take only one small meal if you want

3.Whole Day Fasting

In a week you can eat five day whatever you want but in limit and the remaining two day of the week you have to do fast, the two days of fasting can be any two day of the week according to your choice but donot do cheating in your diet

Loose weight

In Asian continent people do different types of fasting.In normal conditions our body get energy through carbs that we take daily but at fasting conditions we donot get carbohydrates but our body needs energy to function properly so at that time the fats stored in our body starts burning to release energy and obviously when fats stored in our body starts burning then automatically we start loosing weight and became Slim and fit

Eating period donot indicate that you can eat whatever you want during the eating phase of the day ,if you do this mistake then you could never loose weight so eat as much as you can if it donot contain any carbs or fats maintain your diet with this fasting also.Try to eat foods that are very tasty and full of protiene.

At the fasting phase you can take detox drinks or zero calories drinks such as Green tea, Orange juice etc it keeps you fresh and active.If you feel hungry at the time of fasting phase then drink two glass of water and as discussed above a cup of green tea

Loose weight


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