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Tips and home remedies for hypothyroidism

Tips and home remedies for hypothyroidism

Many people have a great confusion that how thyroid disease is related to weight that mean how our problem of thyroid give rise to many weight related issues in our body ,so today we will discuss about how thyroid is responsible to the weight gain of our body

Thyroid plays an important role in our body it regulates many important functions of our body like body temperature, breathing, heart rate, nervous system, menstrual cycle and many more ,it also maintain the movement of the food from our stomach to the intestines that means it also helps in digestion of food

Home remedies for thyroid problem

Thyroid gland maintain the basal metabolic rate of our body which is the main reason for the weight issues happen in the body
Hypothyroidism means the secretion of very low amount of thyroid hormones in thyroid gland.Due to the low secretion of thyroid hormones the metabolic process of our body reduces or become slow which causes weight gain in the body, In hypothyroidism condition the body always feel tired and the daily activities like the daily routine become very hard for the body, increase in appetite, swelling in the foot are some of the symptoms of hypothyroidism

In order improve thyroid function and treat symptoms of auto immune disease, try some of these essential oil protocols on your hypothyroidism diet:

Combine three drops of frankincense oil with five parts lemongrass oil and five parts clove oil. Rub these directly on the thyroid, which is located at the front lower part of your neck. And then try to put two drops of frankincense oil on the roof of your mouth twice daily.
Similarly, try rubbing two to four drops of lemongrass oil and myrrh directly on the thyroid area, along with the reflexology points on the feet (the big toes) and on the wrists multiple times per day.

To combat muscle or joint pain, try a soothing bath using geranium, clove, myrrh and lemongrass oils.
To fight fatigue, try a combination of peppermint and citrus oils, such as lemon and grapefruit.
To improve your mood and reduce anxiety or irritability, use chamomile, frankincense and lavender oil, either diffused in your home or added to a bath.

How to lose weight in thyroid problems ?

Include Exercise in daily routine 

As we have discussed above that in hypothyroidism that the metabolic rate of body becomes slow ,so in order to increase the metabolic rate of the body you have to include 15-20 minutes daily exercise in you routine,

you can simply take a long walk or can do cycling in this time and meanwhile try to increase the intensity and time period of you exercise because as much you will do some activities it will help you a lot in your weight loss plus by this you can also improve your thyroid functions ,some yoga's and exercises are there which increases the secretion of thyroid hormones some of the yogasan are "halasan" "setuasan " and shirshasan.These Asans are really helpful in thyroid problems and it should be included in daily routine for next ten minutes after exercises

Take mineral included diet 

In thyroid problems some minreals are very effective and help in increasing the secretion of thyroid hormones in thyroid gland

Iodine :- Try to take iodine included food because iodine is very good for thyroid problems ,you can get iodine from simply salt but remember that the salt should be iodised in nature

Selenium mineral :- selenium is also mineral that helps in secretion of thyroid hormones, you can get selenium fish from simple food like fish ,egg, tomato ,onion etc

Homemade remedies for thyroid problem

Ginger : - 

Ginger is very good for thyroid related problems ,ginger contains the strong anti inflammatory agents that helps in your thyroid improvement so, try to include ginger in your cooking ingredients

Home remedies for thyroid problem

Turmeric : -

As we all know that turmeric is the natural antibiotics that protects thyroid as well as many other organs so try to include turmeric in your cooking ingredients, you can add turmeric in a glass of milk and take at night ,turmeric really strengthen the metabolic activity of the body

Home remedies for thyroid problem

Guggul : -

Guggul is available as bulk in ayurvedic medicine stores, it is very effective for thyroid problems it acts as an anti inflammatory and also helps in reducing body weight

Home remedies for thyroid problem

Drink water 

People who have thyroid problems often suffer with constipation and so, try to drink as much water as you can this helps in getting rid of this constipation and the intake of water also stimulates the metabolic activity of the body

Take Green tea 

Instead of milk tea try to take green tea which is free from caffeine that helps in reducing body weight and also it improves the function of your thyroid gland

Home remedies for thyroid problem

Warm water and lemon

Early morning instead of drinking plane water ,take one glass of luke warm water and squeeze one slice of lemon and mix it well ,take this drink regularly in order to improve the thyroid problems

Foods that can be eaten in hypothyroidism 


You can all types of vegetables except cruciferous vegetables like cauliflowers,spinach,brocli,raddish etc

Home remedies for thyroid problem


In fruits you can eat
Oranges etc you can easily consume in
 your diet

Dairy products 

You can consume Dairy products like

In case of grains you can take 

Buck wheat
Constipation is one of the more common symptoms of an underactive thyroid so it’s a good idea to eat wholemeal bread, brown pasta and rice and wholegrain breakfast cereals.

Non veg that can be eaten are

you will get protiene and from the yellowish part you will get selenium and iodine so try to eat whole boil egg
Chicken or poultry

You can eat fish like


All the food explained above will improve your thyroid functions and help in loosing weight.Weight-loss results will vary and are depend to once will power  and the amount of weight you want  to lose in a particular time period


  1. Your tips are good to reduce thyroid gland but taking medication like thyroid natural organic medicine is also important.


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