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High blood pressure and low blood pressure tips and home remedies

High blood pressure and low blood pressure tips and home remedies

Today we are going to talk about blood pressure problems, blood pressure has become a very common problem in today's world ,blood pressure is also called as silent killer because it does it's work very silently and sometime many people donot able to know that they have blood pressure problem because it doesn't show any clear symptoms,so it's very important to check your blood pressure routine wise after the age of thirty .First we will discuss about high blood pressure and then about low blood pressure, the tips and home remedies that we are going to discuss are very much effective and affordable

High blood pressure is a silent killer ,some of the symptoms for high blood pressure are headache,feeling nauseous and there will be mild pain in the left side of your heart ,high blood pressure is caused due to many reasons like increase in your weight or stress, it might be your work stress or lifestyle problems ,surrounding is also responsible for high blood pressure ,gene also matters a lot for example if your parents have blood pressure then there are chances of blood pressure in you also,kidney problem is also related to high blood pressure

High blood pressure causes many deadly disease such as paralysis, heart stroke,kidney failure, brain hemorrhage etc and people start spending a lot on medicine, prevention is always better than cure so, it's better to control your blood pressure rather than to spend money on different disease for getting cure. Our heart act as the pumping machine that regulates the oxygenated blood and for this the heart pumps in a particular time period it pumps 72 times in a minute,the pumping rate of heart in an adult human is 120/80 it is the normal heart rate of human being. But sometimes our blood pressure increases there could be many reasons for this ,it could be in us genetically means because of our parents or it could be due to our lifestyle and unhealthy eating and due to that our heart rate increase that means the rate of pumping blood through heart increases and goes above than the normal heart rate sometimes the rate becomes 130/90 or 140/90 or even it increases to 160/110 ,when heart rate increases pressure increases to arteries and veins and there can be chances of damage in the arteries and veins,due to that kidney failure, stroke and many more problems happens in our body.Generally during winter season people don't want to went outside for walk or exercise and automatically the diet increases in winter and our blood vessels and pipes squeezes in winter to make our body feel warm so it's better for the blood pressure patients to make your body active and sit in sunlight for sometime so that the vessels gets open and start functioning.Due to all these thing the majour problems like heart attack, brain hemorrhage and paralysis happens mostly in winter.In order to avoid all these problems the blood pressure patients should always do exercise and stay active in winter

So let's discuss about the home remedies the that can help you to control your high blood pressure

Bottle gourd juice

Bottle gourd (lauki)juice is very effective for high blood pressure.It is very good for health but donot use the bitter Bottle gourd it is very bad for your health try to make juice of fresh and sweet Bottle gourd drinkBottle gourd juice once in a day or once in two days if you didnot like the taste it may not that good like orange juice but very effective for controlling blood pressure pressure

Bottle gourd juice for blood pressure


In the early morning eat three to four garlic bud, it is again very good for high blood pressure it not only helps in controlling blood pressure but also downs the bad cholesterol level of our body so try to eat garlic every morning to avoid high blood pressure and cholesterol level

Garlic for blood pressure

Pomegranate juice

Pomegranates are very tasty but along with taste it also contains qualities that are good for health pomegranates juice is very good for high blood pressure so to control blood pressure it is the best option
Pomegranates juice

How to prevent high blood pressure

Daily Exercise

Do daily 20min-30 min exercise or yoga ,it is very effective, due to exercise your body releases sweat through which the extra salt from the body is released outside from the body


Eating a diet high in fiber & whole grains helps you in maintaining a healthy blood pressure and oatmeal does just that! It helps reduce both your systolic and diastolic pressure. The low-sodium food is prepared as a hot cereal with fruits garnished on it or used in pancakes. You can also add it to many baked goods


The oleic acid present in avocados can reduce high blood pressure as well as cholesterol levels. Avocados also contain potassium and folate, both are essential for heart . It is rich in vitamins A, K, B & E and are fulfilled with fiber.

Avocado juice

So let's talk about the low blood pressure during low blood pressure you feel weakness and nauseous Low blood pressure or hypotension is referred as low or slow flow of blood to heart and through heart to the other vital organs, which can make you feel dizzy, nauseated and confused. In some cases, low blood pressure can be normal and may not show any symptoms.

Some home remedies for low blood pressure are

Amla and honey

Amla contains properties such as phosphorus, vitamin c ,potassium, calcium and iron ,these are very good for health and work good on low blood pressure and honey contains antioxidants and antibacterial substance which are again very good for low blood pressure so, you have to add honey in Amla juice and drink daily for best results this will cent percent help you in low blood pressure

Sugarcane juice

Sugar cane juice is also very effective for low blood pressure specially if you start trembling during low blood pressure, just add a pinch of salt in sugarcane juice and have daily

Beetroot juice

Beet root contains nitrate that converts into nitrate oxide in side the body it is very ,it help in improving with your trembling problem along with this it increases the blood content in our body

Beetroot juice

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate really helps in controlling low blood pressure so keep it always in your pocket and whenever you feel that your blood pressure is falling then eat this dark chocolate and instantly you will feel better

Dark chocolate for low blood pressure


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