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Be healthy look healthy five food items that keep you healthy and loose weight

Welcome to the blog today we are going to talk about five food items  that keepyou healthy and what we should eat to remain healthy and lose weight.  Time management is a great problem in today's world, so usually we did it take tiffin to the school college or the place where we work due to which we eat anything that is available in the nearby restaurant or the canteen which affects our health and either we became is or start gaining weight which we also do not able to understand Here are the five food items that are easily available everywhere at the the market or at home you can make it easily at home or can buy it from the market and which makes you healthy and did not let you to gain weight 1. Take mid meals You should take three meal that is breakfast lunch and dinner in between them you have to take 3 mid meals. It is a very wrong conception that by eating more or taking mid meals can increase your weight but it is not true if you