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Beat tips for loosing weight and what to eat to stay healthy

Beat tips for loosing weight and what to eat to stay healthy People always become confuse when it comes about eating healthy food. There are vast of things that are available to eat and foods are available everywhere. Every country every state every corner has it's own speciality of food .But every one know that these foods are unhealthy and largely containing oil. Since food is present everywhere we eat anything thing that are available near by us when we feel hungry this is the reason why people are suffering from dozen of disease at a time and then to control these disease and to loose weight becomes a dream for you,then more than the disease you face the problems like obesity weight gain and anxiety all these problems have only one solution and that is if you know what to eat and what not to eat so today we will discuss about the food items that we should eat and that we shouldn't eat .Now it is the truth that every one has a different body capacity and different aller

Be healthy look healthy things to do to remain healthy and fit in winter

Below given are just some of the simple things you can do to strengthen your body’s immune system.Here are some easy tips for you so that you can stay healthy and well during the winter season 1.Walking or Running During the winter season , invest in a set of cold weather workout clothes so you can keep up your routine as the temperature dips.Running or walking can make your blood circulation smooth and you will stay fit 2.Prevent from outbreaks Do not stay at public places during outbreaks as there are lot of outbreaks of disease emerged during winters .When you hear of the flu or virus outbreak in your area, stay home if possible. Avoid public places in particular. This will serve double duty by keeping you out of the cold that makes you 3.Spices Eat little bit oily and spicy foods , be sure to increase spices and foods that help keep digestion lively. Many of these foods and spices have the added benefit of boosting your immune system because they are antibacterial