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5 best tips to make your hair long,strong,beautiful and shiny

5 best tips to make your hair long,strong,beautiful and shiny.Do you always dream to have beautiful long hairs but in reality you are facing problems related to hairfall then this blog is for you. Long and strong hairs are very important for girls along with its beauty.Today we are going to talk about five best tips that are essential for your hair care. Below given are not very hard or expensive way for taking care of your hair.

No solutions can solve your problems within one or two day you have to be consistent about your hair routine and plans as well

1.Shampoo Shampoo is the most important thing for your hair care there are lots of variety of shampoos available in the market so first you have to select the best shampoo for your hair type for that you have to know what type of hair you have like some have dandruff problem,weak hair, dull or all these.Then according to that you have to choose your shampoo

2.Oil Like shampoo you also have to choose best oil for your hair that suits y…