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5 best easy and effective skin care tips for healthy,beautiful and fresh skin

5 best easy and effective skin care tips for healthy,beautiful and fresh skin.Skin care is very important in day to day life.We often forget about our skin in our daily busy schedules and don't have time to take care of our skin.If you donot have healthy and fresh skin then no cosmetics can help you neither any type of makeup will suits you so, it's very important to have a small skin care routine to pamper your skin and give potential to it. Skin care routine helps in protecting your skin from ageing easily. In this blog we are going to talk about 5 easy and effective skin care tips/routine that can make your skin fresh and glowing. 1.Remove makeup when at home  Makeups and cosmetics are not at all good for your skin health if it is present or sticked on the skin and forgotten it damages your were skin and make it rough so it's very important to the movie makeup when you are at home or before going to sleep if you do not want to wash your face for the then you can use

5 best tips to make your hair long,strong,beautiful and shiny

5 best tips to make your hair long,strong,beautiful and shiny .Do you always dream to have beautiful long hairs but in reality you are facing problems related to hairfall then this blog is for you. Long and strong hairs are very important for girls along with its beauty.Today we are going to talk about five best tips that are essential for your hair care. Below given are not very hard or expensive way for taking care of your hair. No solutions can solve your problems within one or two day you have to be consistent about your hair routine and plans as well 1.Shampoo Shampoo is the most important thing for your hair care there are lots of variety of shampoos available in the market so first you have to select the best shampoo for your hair type for that you have to know what type of hair you have like some have dandruff problem,weak hair, dull or all these.Then according to that you have to choose your shampoo 2.Oil Like shampoo you also have to choose best oil for your ha

Four best exercises that helps in loseing belly fat

Four best exercises that helps in loseing belly fat.If you are wanting to lose all of your belly fat just and starving or maintaining a diet, you are not being entirely just to your body.Or if you think that  just eating less you can get slimmer then you mistook a little .Today we are going to talk about four effective and easy exercise that you can do and within two months you can notice a difference in your size. This is more easy than  skipping meals every day, as by starvation you donot get slimmer rather you loose your energy . So eat as much as your body needs and just do 3 sets of these three different exercises in order to reduce that extra belly fat and to get the waistline that you have always dreamt of. 1.Crunches  Nothing burns stomach fat easier than crunches. Crunches, according to some fitness experts, occupy the top rank among fat-burning exercises. It is high time you start including crunches exercises to your daily routine. Direction  Start by lying down

Be healthy look healthy things to do to remain healthy and fit in winter

Below given are just some of the simple things you can do to strengthen your body’s immune system.Here are some easy tips for you so that you can stay healthy and well during the winter season 1.Walking or Running During the winter season , invest in a set of cold weather workout clothes so you can keep up your routine as the temperature dips.Running or walking can make your blood circulation smooth and you will stay fit 2.Prevent from outbreaks Do not stay at public places during outbreaks as there are lot of outbreaks of disease emerged during winters .When you hear of the flu or virus outbreak in your area, stay home if possible. Avoid public places in particular. This will serve double duty by keeping you out of the cold that makes you 3.Spices Eat little bit oily and spicy foods , be sure to increase spices and foods that help keep digestion lively. Many of these foods and spices have the added benefit of boosting your immune system because they are antibacterial

Be healthy look healthy five food items that keep you healthy and loose weight

Welcome to the blog today we are going to talk about five food items  that keepyou healthy and what we should eat to remain healthy and lose weight.  Time management is a great problem in today's world, so usually we did it take tiffin to the school college or the place where we work due to which we eat anything that is available in the nearby restaurant or the canteen which affects our health and either we became is or start gaining weight which we also do not able to understand Here are the five food items that are easily available everywhere at the the market or at home you can make it easily at home or can buy it from the market and which makes you healthy and did not let you to gain weight 1. Take mid meals You should take three meal that is breakfast lunch and dinner in between them you have to take 3 mid meals. It is a very wrong conception that by eating more or taking mid meals can increase your weight but it is not true if you

Be healthy look healthy five things to loose your weight and became healthy and fit

Hello this blog we are going to talk about five things that will help you to Lose your weight. Being overweight is the vastest problem of the population of of the population of whole world So, today we are going to talk about five things that will help you to Lose your weight 1.Hunger Learn how to control your hunger so that hunger stops controlling you life become easier when hunger do not control you sometimes it become a very bad problem when you always try to resist food but you can't. To control hunger you have to eat natural foods veggies and fruits in spite of eating processed and manufacture food as this processed foods makes you feel hunger more times than the natural foods try not to believe on the wrappers of the processed foods that are written as light or diet as Aise these all words are only for the marketing purpose 2.Drinks Do not use drinks that are available in market these drinks always contain hidden sugar within them and have a very long manufacturi

A healthy plate

Things that a healthy plate must contain  Today we are going to talk about what a healthy plate contains. A healthy plate contain all types of food that are required to the body so, here are some food items that a plate must contain  1.Starch containing foods  Devide a round plate into two parts. In one part there should be only vegetables in one corner there should be starch containing veggies like potatos,peas,corns etc.starch are the source of carbohydrates which are the chief source of energy 2.Non starchy foods  The another corner of the plate should contain non starchy veggies like zukini,salad etc.Nonstarchy should be taken more as compared to the starchy items 3.Carbohydrates The other part of the plate should contain whole grains like rice,wheat,corn etc which contains adequate carbohydrates which is essential for a healthy body 4.Protiens In the another corner of the second part there should be protein containing foods like chicken, mutton,fish